Mai Mornings Playlist (+ Starting afresh)

Guess who’s back!?

*happy dance

It’s been a little over a year since my last post and in all honesty, I didn’t plan for that to happen. I certainly didn’t expect that it would take a full year to get back on track but believe me when I say, time can do wonderful things and sometimes somethings just need that; time. Time to heal, grow and rediscover were the main reasons for my absence.

If like me, you love a good update story you’ll be happy to know that next week I’ll be publishing a post catching you up and telling you what you can expect to see here on in the future. So as it’s been a very long minute I’d like to start by firstly apologising for my unexpected year-long hiatus and re-introduce myself with a few facts about me.

HelloHenriettacomHi my name is Henrietta, writing is my “thing” and I love to travel. I’m a huge fan of all kinds of music, a huge advocate for self-care, mental health and wellness, Fascinated (not sure if that’s the right word to use) by true crime stories, Obsessed with Wikipedia (My goal in life is to have my own page), I also have a penchant for Korean Dramas and like most people I have my personal struggles and sometimes those roadblocks get the best of me. 

I wanted to ease back in with a music post as it’s the beginning(ish) of spring and it seems fitting to make a return with something that brings me the most joy; music. Over the last several months, I have built a few routines that have shaped my days for the better. Today, I’ll let you in on one of my Morning Routine musts; a morning playlist. Sound’s simple but man is it effective.

A playlist to reflect the stillness and slow rise of the sun

 As soon as I wake, I begin what I like to call my ‘AM Habits’ ( You can look forward to a post on that soon). One of the first things on that mental (and physical) to do list is to take time in all that I do. This means no checking my phone and letting what I see dictate the mood for the day. Taking my time allows me to be present in every moment be it making my bed, deciding which elixir to whip up that morning or setting my intention for the day ahead. What helps during this mindful time is listening to silence (something I’ve grown to appreciate) or playing music that reflects that stillness of fresh mornings and the slow rise of the sun. 

I’ve created a playlist for May/Spring mornings; perfect for those mornings where you want to start the day off at a steady pace and gradually get to the place where you feel as though you can take the day on.  I really hope this playlist helps you start your day off on the right foot. Try playing this first thing in the morning as you go about your usual routine and let me know how your mornings differ if at all. I’d love to know! It feels so good to be back and have a creative outlet again ~ cheers to starting afresh. Have a great week!

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Darling Earbuds of May | Songs for Spring 2017 🌸


Warm Rays & Sunny Days

Suns out Blossoms out & scattered across the globe some of us are already experiencing early may showers.  Fun fact ~ I’m not a huge fan of Summer so the subtle warm weather and sunny rays that Spring brings is very much appreciated on my part. Spring means the start of new beginnings which is a great time to look over those new years resolution, goals and intentions you set (Yes guys there’s still time!) Spring clean ~ right now I’m very into the minimalism thing although I did just purchase a Sakura piece of wall art to bring a little of spring into the home. Spring is also the perfect time for new projects, planning and opportunities. So take a breather, enjoy the earlier sunrises and later sunsets and of course leave time to have a little song and dance on the way to summer.

Enjoy the rest of spring with this specially selected playlist created by yours truly ~ Its a mix of light and breezy songs for your darling earbuds this Spring.

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Autumnal Sound Waves | Easy listening Playlist for Fall



Autumn will always be my greatest love. It’s the season I was born in. It’s when I feel most content and reflective. As soon as autumn comes around I see it as a head start on new beginnings. Aside from the obvious things that make autumn awesome; bundling up and making warm seasonal drinks, I really love that out of all 4 seasons It’s the most chilled making a playlist like this one more than fitting. This playlist is perfect for those autumn evenings when the sun has gone down, you’ve lit a candle, made some tea and just want to get lost in the music. I personally like to play this at anytime of the day; when I wake up, whilst I’m working away on the computer, reading a book or prepping dinner. Hope you have the best of Autumns and enjoy this playlist.

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If you’re still holding onto summer then you might like this playlist