10 things my Korean Calligraphy Class taught me 🖌


Pronounced Seo-Yeh
~ A traditional method of artistic writing ~

It’s no secret and you may have already guessed from my occasional Korean Drama schpiel on Twitter, that I have a very strong appreciation for Korean Culture, and that includes Customs, Traditions, Language, Food, Entertainment, Art and most recently Literature. I often get asked “So what made you get into Korean Culture and what do you love about it?” and as I’m currently learning korean I usually get the surprised expression followed by “Oh, you’re learning Korean!? What made you want to learn it?to which I reply; “I just love the Korean culture, language, Dramas, Music and of course the Food!” ~ which is the more condensed answer.

 A more detailed and lengthy answer would be; ”I really love the language ~ It’s beautiful in every sense of the word; Nice to speak and nice to listen to. The sentence structure fascinates me. Hangul (The Korean Alphabet) to me looks especially beautiful written in calligraphy. I find Korean customs and traditions admirable. Korean Street Art/Graffiti with Calligraphy incorporated is my favourite kind. Korean food is hands down my favourite cuisine of all time ~ Japanese, Thai and Greek are close behind but Hanshik wins for sure. When it comes to Korean Music; I love all kinds; Classical, K-Indie and of course a little K-Pop. And when it comes to Korean Dramas, I’m well known to lose out on hours of sleep just to get in “one more episode” which let’s face it, is impossible because ~ Cliffhangers amirite? haha!

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LION COFFEE + RECORDS | Recent Discoveries



(n) The tendency not to start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee.

I’m always on the lookout for independent coffee shops that are cosy, inviting and have friendly staff that are passionate about the art of coffee-making. I find coffee shops are the best places to be productive so the atmosphere and environment of a coffee shop means everything to me. Having spent countless hours in Coffee shops I have come to realise that a coffee shop is way more than just the coffee. It’s the staff, the decor and a good WiFi connection. Lion Coffee + Records located in Clapton tick all the boxes and that’s why I’m thrilled to be sharing this coffee spot as my first London Recent discovery Post. 

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Arrabiata + Rigatoni | Recipe


Prep time : 1 min | Cook time : 14 mins | Total time : 15 mins

I wasn’t sure if it was too soon for another recipe post but after dilly dallying for a while…here we are! This is one of my all time favourite comfort foods. It’s nothing ground breaking but it’s one of those simple meals that comes together in no time and tastes so damn good! Sometimes I add roasted garlic broccoli or green beans as a side; it’s honestly the best combo. Continue reading “Arrabiata + Rigatoni | Recipe”