A.M. Habits | A Slow Living & Mindful Morning Routine

You never know what life is going to throw at you so having pillar moments in the day can really keep you grounded. Cemented habits can shape us and if done correctly can develop growth in different areas of our lives. That’s why for me, having a personal routine is fundamental to having a successful day. 

➤ Tip: Having a great morning routine starts the night before. Winding down, a night of good sleep and a to-do list is all you need.

I’ve always loved renovating my morning routine and over the years I’ve noticed that there are a few checklist items that have found their way across the board. For the most part, these are the nonnegotiable that make me feel as though I can conquer whatever comes my way on any given day. The routine is simple but the post is lengthy so grab a brew and let’s begin!


❍ Aim:  Stay present and create a mindfulness practice that transcends throughout the day. In other words, it’s me checking in with myself and giving myself a few moments of calm before the day begins to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. It’s self-care at it’s finest. It’s me creating mindfulness.

✳︎ Wake up: My day starts at…well to be totally honest unless I absolutely have to, I try not to set an alarm for the day. I like to wake up naturally and avoid looking at my phone for anything other than to check the time. My body clock is pretty reliable.

✳︎ Give Thanks & have an attitude of gratitude: This is my way of counting my blessings and showing gratitude for waking up every morning. It’s a nice way to start the day as it immediately makes me more mindful. It’s a reminder that I’m here on purpose and for a purpose. It’s not always as theatrical as the picture below, I usually just take a deep breath and say ‘Thank you’ but you get the gist.


✳︎ Water: I then fill up a tall glass (usually my Guinness pint glass or my french press) with cold water and gulp that down. Twice. Hydration is vital first thing in the morning as it restores moisture we’ve lost during sleep, wakes our bodies up and get’s that metabolism going. Sometimes I have plain water and some days I’ll have lemon water with a pinch of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. This has multiple health benefits which you can read about here but I do it because it boosts hydration, detoxifies, clears my skin plus it reduces migraines and muscle cramps.

✳︎ Music: Next it’s music! What would a morning routine be without music? Some mornings I’ll listen to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack but ultimately this is my favourite YouTube morning playlist. I honestly never tire of it. It’s just perfect. 

✳︎ Essentials: This is where I do all the morning essentials; shower, brush my teeth and do a facemask if I’m feeling fancy. I also take vitamins and medication so I don’t forget later in the day.


➤ Tip: I have this motto engrained in my head and I don’t know where it came from but it’s;

“If you do one good thing for yourself all day, let it be this”.

That to me, basically means I need to start my day with something that’s good for my overall health (and then I’m free to chug back coffee hehe). I always follow my water with a bevvy that has health benefits and that’s where the wellness factor comes in.

✳︎ Wellness: A wheatgrass shot, juice, smoothie or herbal tea is what I usually opt for. A couple of current go-to’s are green tea, oolong, genmai, and ginger/moringa tea. 

Health-wise, this sets up my day the right way and makes it almost impossible to destroy my efforts to stay healthy throughout the day. This conscious effort does wonders. And there is a method to this way of thinking. When it comes to willpower it’s been proven that as the day progresses people will find that their willpower decreases. That’s why people prefer to workout in the morning when their willpower is stronger. As the day goes by its easier to let your irrational mind takeover and we lose the will to do anything.


✳︎ Habit Stacking: This is a proven method that works in building habits. The idea is that if you have a cemented habit that you do every day and you stack another habit on top, eventually the new habit becomes part of your routine, making it easier to stick to. Making a wellness drink is part of my routine so the habit I’ve stacked on top of that is Quiet Quality time.

✳︎ QT: This is my favourite part. I sit down usually cross-legged on the floor with my tea (and espresso) and before I go through my to-do list for the day, I do some breath work and meditate. Some days it’s guided and sometimes it’s just in silence. I’ve been loving the insight timer app lately. This gives me space to really process how I’m feeling and strengthen my intuition before I let anything else (*cough Instagram *cough) dictate that. I also like to listen to The Affirmation podcast for extra fuel if I’m feeling a little unsure about how to process how I’m feeling. 

Next up is my morning devotion called “First 5”. The idea is that you give God your first 5 minutes of the day. Granted I’ve prob been awake for several minutes by this point but hey. This adds purpose to my day. After this, I move into a yoga flow and finish off by setting an intention for my day. This part is important because it navigates me throughout the day. If I choose to see the beauty in everything then guess what?

…I’ll see the beauty in everything.


Some days I learn during this portion of the morning that I need to be patient and kinder to myself. And some days I find that all I need to do is take it easy and rest. Burnout is real. On those days I skip all the above steps and sit down with tea and a good book. I may journal and if the mood takes me I may even jot down a gratitude list.

 ✳︎ Morning Admin: I’m nocturnal so I work best during the evenings. I try not to psyche myself out by getting straight into work mode. Once I’m at my desk and I have another espresso on hand I check Instagram. Yes, Instagram counts as admin too aha! I also respond to messages and check my emails. This gives me a mental note of what I have to do that day and what realistically I can tackle. It gives me a sense of urgency so that I don’t procrastinate my mornings away but also gives me that reassurance that keeps my anxiety at bay. Fun Fact: Emails are my least favourite thing.


✳︎ Breakfast/Brunch: Then it’s time to graze and begin my day! The time of day I have my first meal varies because often I do fasted workouts at the gym in the early afternoon. So by the time that I do eat, it’s really brunch time, which means I’m spoilt for choice. I sometimes lean more towards breakfast foods such as a parfait packed full of nutritional goodness or jazzed up oatmeal. Exotic I know! OR I sometimes go for a protein-packed salad.


And there you have it! It’s a simple routine but it works. At some point, I would love to incorporate a morning stroll or run but for now, this routine is perfect for me.

Although these are called my “A.M Habits” there’s plenty of wriggle room. I have been known to do these things during the afternoon if I’ve slept in a little later than usual and the effects are just the same. I feel more grounded and purposeful. If you take one thing away from this post take away the idea thayou deserve a few

“me moments” in your morning. 

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