Fuwa Fuwa | The UK’s 1st Japanese Soufflé Pancake Store | London Eats

In honour of Pancake Day, I thought I’d throw it back to

the day I had the most incredible pancakes at Fuwa Fuwa London.


Back story:

One day I had fallen down the black hole that is the “YouTube side bar”, as you do. You know, where you sit down to watch ONE video and then the auto play button leads onto ANOTHER video and you tell yourself, “Ok, I can spare another 10 minutes” and then before you know it, SEVERAL hours have passed and YouTube now has crazy recommendations for you.

Don’t ask me how I had gotten there, but I had landed on a  behind the scenes video of a famous Japanese cake shop whipping up and cutting their famous jiggy cakes. Yes, that’s right jiggly cakes! It was insanely fascinating to watch so it’s no wonder that several videos later I was hooked. This lead me to videos on Soufflé Japanese pancakes. A fair amount of time had passed and I thought to myself  ~

“These are huge in Hong Kong, Japan and Malaysia, I wonder if they have any locations in the U.K.?”

A little “research” later and I found out they did!

The UK’s 1st Japanese Soufflé Pancake Store; Fuwa Fuwa.

My birthday rolled around in October and birthday pancakes sounded ideal. I went to the location in Brunswick Square (As of now they’re currently in the process of moving to Unit 8 Brunswick Centre so bear that in mind if you’re looking to visit.) Located in a quaint tucked away square, the decor inside was an absolute dream. Immaculate with cotton tapestry, plants and great lighting. It’s worth mentioning too that the staff were super friendly and welcoming. It wasn’t too busy and the service was speedy. Ticked all my boxes!

What we ordered:

Matcha Tea. 

The Matcha tea was authentically made and that meant the world to me.  I’ve been to places where they attach an electric device to the bamboo whisk and that’s a major no, no for me. Making matcha is an art form and can not be fast tracked so I appreciated that they took the time to make it perfectly.

It was strong, no fluff, no frills just a great matcha tea.

IMG_1130 2

Matcha Love.

These pancakes came with Kyoto matcha cream, vanilla cream, Japanese adzuki bean paste and white chocolate shavings sprinkled on top.  The green tea flavour was spot on. Red bean paste was perfect and the pancakes themselves were incredibly light, airy and you guessed it fluffy! Is it weird to say they tasted pretty healthy? I guess what I mean by that is that everything tasted like it was made with love and with the freshest ingredients and the same goes for the next pancake.


Summer fruit.

Now these delightful pancakes came topped with  strawberries, blueberries and bananas, some heaven-sent cream and maple drizzle. I kid you not these were spectacular. PER-FECT! I would like to say I have no words for how good both pancakes were but I have to write something or this wouldn’t be much of a review ha!

IMG_1128 3

Also on the menu.

Now, they do have other toppings such as their Premium Honey Comb Pancakes which I’ve heard is a hit. They also have a Banana and Nutella pancake served with chopped hazelnuts.

I can’t wait to try them next but what I’m really looking forward to is trying one of their  “Toppings of the day”. I love how they go off menu. The day I went I missed out on their Blueberry Yuzu Cheesecake Pancakes, that would have been DERISH!

I highly recommend checking out Fuwa Fuwa, if you’re in London especially if you’re looking for something to do this Pancake day. Trust me when I say you’ll come back for more!

IMG_0755 2

What are your favourite pancake toppings?  Also what kind of pancakes do you like?

I’m a fan of sweet potato pancakes, piklets and ricotta pancakes. For toppings, I’d go with berries, vanilla ice cream and drizzles of maple syrup.

Food ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Price Point ⭐️⭐️⭐️


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