Remember by Jules Rendell | A song about grief & hope

“I will remember you, every thoughtful word you said”

‘Remember’ is the breathtaking song by soulful singer-songwriter Jules Rendell. It’s an incredibly emotional and beautiful song which reaches deep into the feelings of loss, hope and so much more.

I am so grateful that this song came to me at the time that it did because as you know historically as well as today ~ The world is hurting and needs hope now more than ever. I’m hoping that this post brings a little light into your world today and that by listening to this song you feel enveloped in comfort, reflect in reverie and take away some hope for the future.

‘Remember’ is a song inspired by Maya Angelou and co-written with Bianca Rose, and it calls for the listener to remember hopeful words spoken to them by absent friends or family. It’s about grief, it’s about hope, it’s about the power of remembering people at their best.

In this remarkable one take live performance of Remember filmed by Max Benoist, Jules’ talent takes centre stage as she sings poetically of love and loss entangled with the theme of hope transcending through. Accompanied by her beautiful playing on a Grand Piano, Rendell’s elegant tone carries the song from start to finish, beginning with a graceful acapella and running into a seamless melody. The song has a solid composition making it the perfect song for reflection on days when you crave solace.

“Music helps us connect with our emotions. I see it every time I perform ‘Remember’ live – it’s a song that touches people for many reasons.” – Jules Rendall

It’s always amazed me how music can have a direct impact on your mood, how a song can bring up old feelings and memories. This song has the ability to simultaneously evoke emotions of happiness and sadness leaving you with bitter-sweet feelings and I think it’s because the lyrics resonate on a relatable level. The realness and raw quality in this performance are what I love the most. It shows heart, which is rarely portrayed and it’s a joy to see that.

“Once there was a man who found his way up to the clouds, met there by summer eternal young as a child”


Jules Rendell is truly a beautiful talent. Another noteworthy favourite song of mine is Old Friend’. Be sure to keep up to date with her music journey at IMAGINE  featuring Remember is available to stream and download now.  Find Jules here:  YouTubeInstagramTwitterFacebook and download free tracks on SoundCloud.


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