Nadia Rae | Good Love Music Video


Nadia Rae is a Singer-Songwriter hailing from the UK with a sound that I feel has been missing on the UK music scene for a while. There are some things you just can’t teach and that’s how I feel about Nadia Rae’s authentic and powerful vocals. If you’re new to Nadia’s music I highly recommend starting with Nadia’s cover/mashup of Medication by Damien Marley. 

It’s phenom!


On Nadia’s latest EP; YOLO you can find songs that showcase her talent for putting together strong narratives through her lyrics and her ability to convey those emotions through her solid vocals. The track Good love”  is one of my personal favourites on the EP. It’s a feel-good dancehall song and my golly is it Catchy ~ It’s the perfect summer jam we’ve all been waiting for. Infused with Summer anthem vibes it’s impossible to resist the urge to get up and dance when you hear it. It’s a fabulously produced song.


From the get-go, the energy in this video is electric. The wardrobe, setting, and authentic dancehall choreography sets the tone for the video and complements the song so well. Nadia Rae’s performance is full of fresh vibes and finesse. The routine is executed flawlessly and Nadia’s dance skills really shine throughout. I love the play on words that comes across through movement and how small changes in positions and lighting add dynamic to the music video. I found the breakdown in the song and solo dance performances particularly impressive. Cue wide angles, cut-aways, backlighting, tilted landslide angles and plenty of zooming action. The build-up in the song is mimicked with close-up lipsyncing shots which adds an unexpected but very nice touch.



 Creatively, I love the grading of the scenes, the use of letterboxing and a good amount of jump fx. Those three elements really add a cinematic quality to the video that I really enjoyed. The video then fades to black but not before a quick close up shot of Nadia pulling a quirky face. A highlight for sure! The Good Love Music Video kept me entertained from start to finish ~ No joke, I’ve watched it a bazillion times! ha! There are so many layers to this video that I didn’t notice at first and that’s what makes it a great music video. It’s one of those songs that you simply don’t want to end and keep loop all summer long.


I really admire Nadia’s hard-working ethic and I think it’s evident in everything she produces. I’m really excited to see what the future holds for Nadia as I feel she definitely one to watch out for. Keep up to date with Nadia and her music over on Twitter 

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