Finally,​ there’s a Newsletter + Noteworthy Favourites


           Yes, please!/No Thanks, I don’t like cool stuff

I’m beyond excited to announce that finally has a monthly newsletter! It’s a new way to connect with you and dish on things that have sparked inspiration for me lately as well as share updates in real time. Each monthly newsletter will consist of a monthly recap of the month before, BTS photos (Behind the scenes ~ not the k-pop group hehe), personal favourites and a whole lot more. Subscribers will also be first to know about giveaways. I personally think that newsletters should be interesting, inspiring and add value to your life and that is what I hope to bring to you with each newsletter that lands in your inbox.


It’s no secret that I love to write and I think handwritten notes are priceless and that is why all my newsletters will be partly handwritten…

Golden Hour

…but hopefully a little neater!

Newsletters go out on the first of every month! Sign up here so you don’t miss it!

Each Morning I wake up, complete my AM Habits and settle down at my desk to begin working through my to-do list and emails. This pic was taken a while back and I remember on that morning I decided to take my work to a local spot as they do the best Vanilla Chai Lattes in town ( I was caffeine free ~ short-lived!)

Golden Hour

If there is one thing I enjoy about going through my emails, it’s sifting through them to find what I like to call the gems. These gems are the newsletters that inspire me and add value in some way or another. Whether it’s getting notified that one of my wishlist items is back in stock, discovering a new recipe or an article on “How to ____” (fill blank with something about being successful) ~ I’m always learning something new.

Here is a short list of newsletters and mailing lists that I adore.


First up; Career Girl Daily! Now, where do I begin? If you’re a budding career girl and looking for empowerment, tips, tricks and great advice this newsletter is for you. Career Girl to me is very Girl Boss –esque and I love it! I’m always finding new motivation to stay on top of my goals and intentions. It includes topics related to life, fashion and beauty but ultimately it’s for any career-minded and driven gal.  All over and through the newsletter are little doses of positivity and reinforcement- my fave; “Life is a movie you’re directing, make it a show.”


This is a recent find of mine and it’s high up there on my favourites list for so many reasons. Medium digest daily is a hub where words matter and every reader is catered to. It has a wide range of articles written by people all over the globe on topics that educate and evoke feeling. You name it and they most likely have it.  It’s a one-stop shop to a world of knowledge and power. It’s the place you go to when you want to find like-minded- like-hearted people and read about something new. My favourite feature aside from tailoring what kind of content you receive is the little tab which tells you roughly how long each read will be! Genius! ~ No more scrolling and guessing.


My goal in life aside from having my own Wikipedia page one day is to travel. Always has been. Condé Nast Traveler truly is the ultimate source of travel inspiration. It allows me to live out my dreams vicariously through their picturesque content. To my inbox, I get sent great travel tips and advice such as the best markets in Mexico city or how to stay safe as a solo traveler. They have everything from how to plan your first Safari to where to get the best doughnuts in the U.S. I also really appreciate how sensitive and culturally aware they are of current events in the world so you’re always kept in the loop with changes in laws, travel news, and current affairs in popular destinations.


The team over at Skimm Daily are doing something right and I can’t get enough of it! In a world where everyone online can sound “samey”,  it’s hard to find a unique refreshing voice and stand out from the crowd but somehow The Skimm have managed to do that! I’ve never seen tone in print conveyed so well. I’ve heard and it’s true, that you can’t print sarcasm (it just doesn’t translate well) but I swear that this is a print obstacle that the people over at The Skimm could crush.  

Anecdotes about real people, stories, company birthday shoutouts under the caption “Go shawty, it’s your birthday”  ~ What’s not to love about The Daily Skimm Newsletter? It’s a real hoot! That being said this newsletter is not all about giggles ~  The main idea behind the newsletter is to give you the latest scoop (global news and all) with an email sent to your inbox each morning. As we all know the news can be overwhelming sometimes but it’s very important to stay up to date and aware of what is happening around us and in our world. The daily skimm juggles Informative and chuckle-worthy so damn well it unreal! I look forward to reading each one and I feel more knowledgeable after reading them too. My favourite part of the newsletter would have to be the section called “Skimm Picks”.

And that’s it! I have quite a few more so who knows maybe I’ll do a follow-up post. In the meantime let me know what some of your newsletters faves are? Also, Newsletter/mailing list pet peeves if you have any? I’d love to know! 

Don’t forget to subscribe to the new newsletter if you’re interested and you’ll be the first to receive exclusive content. 

It would be great to have you onboard this new journey!

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