Darling Earbuds of May | Songs for Spring 2017 🌸


Warm Rays & Sunny Days

Suns out Blossoms out & scattered across the globe some of us are already experiencing early may showers.  Fun fact ~ I’m not a huge fan of Summer so the subtle warm weather and sunny rays that Spring brings is very much appreciated on my part. Spring means the start of new beginnings which is a great time to look over those new years resolution, goals and intentions you set (Yes guys there’s still time!) Spring clean ~ right now I’m very into the minimalism thing although I did just purchase a Sakura piece of wall art to bring a little of spring into the home. Spring is also the perfect time for new projects, planning and opportunities. So take a breather, enjoy the earlier sunrises and later sunsets and of course leave time to have a little song and dance on the way to summer.

Enjoy the rest of spring with this specially selected playlist created by yours truly ~ Its a mix of light and breezy songs for your darling earbuds this Spring.

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