Imperfect Life by Floating Above Reason | Album Review + Interview

‘Imperfect Life’ is the second album from Chile based band; Floating Above Reason. Jess, Nick, Diego, Josué and Esteban make up the soft rock band delivering raw and emotion evoking songs that will either make you reflect on life or make you want to get up and dance. This album takes you on an emotional journey as it explores themes of change, different human emotions and the relationships with the people who come in and out of our lives. Always a fan of a full live band, I really appreciate the music that Floating Above Reason create. Bass, Drums, Guitar and Keyboard keep the music authentically fresh whilst lead singer Jess’ unique Joan Jett – Esq. vocals carry each song with the narrative and perspective clear as day.

Left Jess (Singer/Songwriter) Grid Clockwise : Nick (Guitar/Arrangements) Esteban (Drums) Diego (Keyboard) Josué (Bass)

I love a good themed album and Imperfect Life is exactly that. The music is dynamic but at the core it’s  sentimental and stresses the importance of connecting with yourself and life as a journey of discovery. ‘Perspective’  is one theme that consistently runs through this album and I completely agree that seeing things from a different point of view has a huge impact on the way we face challenges, hardships and experiences. This 12 track album is organic and fresh and features a mix of songs ranging from up beat and funky to mid tempo and Bluesy. There is a certain rawness to this album that I love and I think it stems from the deeply personal lyrics. They are alluring, honest and  pure.


The album opens with “Feel” – a feel good song that can brighten up any day and make you appreciative of the things you have in life. I personally like to play this one in the morning as I get ready for the day. It’s full of courage, hope and it’s the kind of song that the little adventurer inside all us can relate to.“Friend” is simply a beautiful song and one of my favourites on the album. “Looking back” has nostalgic vibes running through making it great for those days or moments when you go down memory lane. “My Brother” has a great guitar solo and a catchy riff. “Try” is another favourite of mine on the album. It’s a funky bright up-beat song with an authentic live recording sound which is captivating to listen to. Jess’ Sultry voice really stands out on tracks such as “You In My Mind”, “Dry The Tears”,  “Journeys End” and “Brand New Day” where the tracks are a stripped back. Ultimately this is the type of album that would make a great soundtrack for your new favourite Indie film.


Floating Above Reason is an awesome name for a Band, How did you decide on the name and have you changed the Band’s name before?

After we finished our first studio album we still didn’t have a name for the band. We had tried some names but none of them seemed to fit into what we wanted to express. The first name we had was The Silence but we thought it would be too ambiguous so we didn’t follow. One day Jess did some serious brainstorming and presented us with about 10 different names, and as soon as she mentioned Floating Above Reason we all immediately liked it. It just sounded right.

How long have you all known each other and how did you meet? – Can you tell me a little about how the band was formed?

Jess (singer-songwriter) is from the UK and in 2010 came to live out to South America for some years. A friend of ours introduced Jess to Nick (guitar and composer). They became good friends and were both very much into making music all their lives. Jess showed Nick some lyrics and melodies and from there they worked hard to achieve their first album, they worked together in all the process and outcomes. The first album was an experiment that allowed them to have a common goal in making music, finding a common ground in styles and artistic perspectives. After a few auditions we found the other members of the band Esteban ( drums) , Diego ( keyboard) and Josué ( bass) that worked with us on the production of our second album and who had the same passion and dedication towards our goals.

‘Imperfect life’ is a great album that explores life and it’s many themes. How did you decide on a title and what was the music-making process like?

The title came after we produced all the songs, and we realized that they all had something in common, that life in its core is imperfect but those imperfections are what makes us grow and become who we need to be. After the first album we felt like we wanted to express through music something more profound but also relatable to everyone. Jess had gone through some hardships in her life and realized that many others were going through the same in different ways, and that was the creative focus in every song. She and Nick decided to create something that talked about life and hope exploring different emotional avenues in people’s lives. We wanted to express things that people usually repress. Nick and Jess spent time developing and writing the songs. Once they were structured with lyrics and music we presented them to the other members of the band, and then worked very hard to achieve the final outcome.

What is your favourite part about the creative process? i.e. Songwriting, arrangements, performing live, recording, sharing your music.

It’s the process of creating itself, writing lyrics through an emotional idea, coming up with the melodies and then building the music on top of that. Or first starting just with the music and then building lyrics as an expression of it. We enjoy every other part of the creative process, but after all the hard work in creating the songs you feel the most rewarded when letting them go into the public. Somehow you feel that they don’t belong to you anymore.

 How has your music evolved since you first started playing together?

It’s been a long journey since we first started working together, six years now to the day. When we first began writing songs we needed to have a clear perspective between us. This took time and a lot of focus in knowing each other’s musical tastes; eventually we found a common ground and found that we could easily balance the creative process allowing one another to have a voice and to somehow connect them for the benefit of the message.

 Who designed the artwork for the album cover?

The album covers main theme was designed by an Australian artist who we felt understood the album and could express what we wanted visually. Jess and Nick worked on the layout and colour around the drawing.

 If you could tailor the perfect day, what would a prefect day for the band look like?

The perfect day would be to know that our music could reach a lot of people and help them connect with their emotions and inner worlds. We would like our songs to help them understand that all of our life stories are sometimes just as hard, we just look at our problems from different perspectives. It would be amazing to play live somewhere in NYC and have people singing back our lyrics.

Who would you love to tour with?

We would love to tour with artists who have inspired us for some time. Musicians like Damien Rice, Radiohead, Snow Petrol, Keane, Coldplay, Paul McCartney, among others.



You can find Floating Above Reasons Music through Bandcamp, Amazing Tunes, Cd Baby, iTunes and Spotify. All songs are in English so be sure to have a listen on the music platforms listed above and enjoy!


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