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Running a music blog I often and happily receive music submissions. I love that Music is a universal language that everybody speaks and I’m thrilled that this blog allows me to share music that you may not have otherwise stumbled upon. I’m very passionate about supporting artists and sharing awesome music with as many people as possible and that is why this outlet is something I will forever be grateful for and proud of.

Today I’m happy to officially announce that from now on I will not only continue to take in music submissions but I will also be featuring all the tracks I receive on a soundcloud playlist found here. At the beginning of each month I’ll feature my favourite track from the month before as well as a mini review/interview to accompany it. I like all kinds of music so narrowing it down is going to be a challenge!

Send your music submissions to with ‘Music Sub for’ as the subject heading. I take all formats but if you have a soundcloud track/account or press kit with links that would be preferred. I look forward to hearing from you!

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