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(n) The tendency not to start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee.

I’m always on the lookout for independent coffee shops that are cosy, inviting and have friendly staff that are passionate about the art of coffee-making. I find coffee shops are the best places to be productive so the atmosphere and environment of a coffee shop means everything to me. Having spent countless hours in Coffee shops I have come to realise that a coffee shop is way more than just the coffee. It’s the staff, the decor and a good WiFi connection. Lion Coffee + Records located in Clapton tick all the boxes and that’s why I’m thrilled to be sharing this coffee spot as my first London Recent discovery Post. 


Lion Coffee + Records is a hidden London treasure that I’m more than happy to rave about – a true one of a kind coffee shop. It fuses my love of music, well-crafted coffee and hygge aesthetics. A great place to grab a coffee, listen to music and even catch up on work. Serving Tea, Coffee and fresh juices you’re literally spoilt for choice. 

I’m a shameless Coffee Enthusiast. I know all the fundamentals of what goes into making a great cup of coffee. I remember the first time I walked into Lion and spotted an AllPress Espresso bag perched near the coffee machine. Yes! Allpress Espresso are expert coffee roasters and espresso specialists. In my opinion any place that uses Allpress coffee beans knows what’s up! Ha! I typically will order a Flat white when I go to a coffee shop and Lion serves the one of the bests.

If you frequent coffee shops on a regular basis I’m sure you can relate with this; tiny things can make or break a coffee drinking experience. Sometimes (not so much in independent coffee shops) as a costumer you feel the need to chug back your drink and leave to make room for new customers or risk getting what I like to call the “Are you going to order another coffee” stare. Thankfully at Lion this is not an issue. It’s not a huge space but the “You’re welcome to stay” friendly vibes speak volumes.

IMG_4134hh_58hh IMG_4100hh_123hh_10

I cant even begin to tell you how much I love the decor. The coffee shop walls are decorated with original and iconic photos. The best part for me is browsing the endless records and landing on a gem. The rustic feel and intimate setting makes this coffee shop the perfect place to house live performances. On Sundays you can expect to be treated to a live performance whilst you sip away. I’m a huge fan of supporting local and unsigned artists and I really admire that Lion Coffee holds the same passion that I do. As well as hosting Sunday Sessions they also have exclusive gigs and have had performances from the likes of Courtney Love and The Futureheads frontman; Barry Hyde.


I live, eat and breath Social Media so I greatly appreciate that Lion Coffee + Records keep up to date on social media platforms. You can always find fresh new updates of what’s going on via their Facebook page. Each time I take a trip to Lion Coffee I always have an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re ever in the are or simply looking for a new place to spend on a sunday afternoon. It’s the kind of coffee shop you’ll want to return back to time and time again. You can guarantee that there will always be great music playing on the turn tables and the best cup of coffee you’ll ever have.

LCRHH6_173118 Lower Clapton Rd 
E5 0QR

I recommend:

Homemade Brownies or Carrot cake

Flat White or Cappuccino


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