Lánre | Human | EP Review


“We’re all broken so that light can come in” – Human

Lánre is an Acoustic British Singer Songwriter with a unique soulful sound that is simply a treat to listen to. Her music is both soothing and mesmerising. Acoustic Soul at the core I also get vibes of folk and african flavours transcending through her music.

The four track EP ‘Human’ is the follow up EP to ‘Home’ and holds an earnest quality which will captivate you and leave you pondering, feeling inspired and hopeful. The track list is seamlessly integrated which makes you feel as though you’ve been transported and taken on a journey. Human is packed full of rhythmic inspiring and encouraging songs. It has a steady progression and an atmospheric sound which is something I really enjoy as it creates a sense of nostalgia. The songs have the ability to lift your spirits and make you feel calm all at the same time. In my opinion, there are two types of songwriters; the ones who write to fit the music and  the songwriters who write with intent and make music lovers wake up and pay attention. Lánre falls into the latter. Her beautiful songwriting skills come from a heartfelt place of passion and it’s comes across in ‘Human’.

I love when the heart of music is pure because that’s when it’s the best.

Human is available to buy now on iTunes


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