The M.A.C Lipstick Review: FANFARE


I remember shopping around for “Thee pink lippie”. Mainly sticking to nudes, plums and the occasional red lipstick my entire “makeup career”, I was on the lookout for a Spring/Summer appropriate pink lipstick. If you know me then you know that this was and still is a huge deal. I’m not really a typical girly girl (Surprise!) so anything pink scares me. It’s funny how I find pink to be more daring than a gothic plum shade. I have yellow undertones and I’m not a fan of the shockingly bright pink lips so I knew I wanted something subtle as my first real pink lipstick. A thousand swatches at the M.A.C counter later, I finally landed on Fanfare! It’s everything I was looking for with the exception of one con but more on that later.


Fanfare is a Mid-tone yellow pink with a creme sheen finish which basically means it applies like a dream. Unfortunately, the one con lies in the fact that as a creme sheen product it doesn’t do too well in the heat. As I continue through this series on M.A.C lipstick reviews you’ll notice that most of my fave M.A.C lipsticks are all creme sheens and they all seem to break easily, smoosh or melt. That doesn’t stop me from wearing them though.

Fanfare is a soft salmon shade that works well for an everyday look. It has a peachy/coral undertone with subtle shimmery reflects and as most M.A.C. lipstick can be built up for intensity. It’s very pigmented and opaque so a light hand is all you need to get the most out of this lipstick. It’s worth mentioning that the slight shimmer gives off a pearlescent effect making your lips look more dimension and plump. I especially think it looks great in the spring and summer seasons. I mentioned earlier that I’m not very girly but with this lipstick, I feel a little more feminine and summery.

So how do I like to wear Fanfare? I use to layer it on like my life depended on it but recently found that dabbing and blending has a much better finish. Against my skin tone, the bolder colour can look a little iffy so I opt to blend blend blend (Ref: I’m NC45 in M.A.C & Rich Caramel in Estee Lauder DW). What I like about blending this lipstick is that it goes from a ‘pretty pop of pink’ into a ‘Your lips but better’ flushed pink. On the occasion that I do want a more vibrant look I line my lips with a soft brown lip liner to create contrast. I’ve seen Fanfare on different people and it looks different on almost everyone. What I think is great about this lipstick is that the shade and finish can be manipulated simply by using a lip liner, blotting or adding a gloss on top.


It retails for £15.50, You can also receive a free M.A.C lipstick if you use the “back-to-M.A.C” system.

EDIT: A soft brown lip liner pairs perfectly with this lipstick. I tend to wear fanfare sheer and well blended in for a more subtle everyday look.


Tea Rose by Nyx

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