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“Are you chatsnapping?” – Lauren German

I think we all have an inmate nosiness about us and that’s why we love reality T.V so much. Snapchat is our instant fix of reality in its purest form. It’s no wonder why it has become increasingly popular. Admittedly I was late to the Snapchat ‘game’ and never really saw the appeal but OH how the times have changed! I now spend a ridiculous amount of time going through my snapchat feed and I follow a crazy amount of people. I kid you not, it’s borderline a “cause for concern” and I have friends who can testify to that. By some miracle, I have managed to narrow down my extensive list to a tiny list of my Top 10 favourite Snappers. If you’re new to Snapchat or if you’re looking for new people to follow then this handy guide will help you along the way. Don’t forget to share your personal favourites in the comment section below. You can find me on Snapchat @ hellohenrietta

Chelsea Wears | Username: chelseawears

I absolutely love Chelsea. I’ve been a fan of her YouTube channel since the very beginning and till this day I still love watching her videos. She’s naturally funny and relatable so I  was thrilled to find out that she had a snapchat account. Aside from her lovely personality I think the character she created called ‘Cheryl’ (upside down mouth filter) is the main reason I fell in love with Chelsea’s snapchat. I think we can all agree that at some point in our lives we have come across a ‘Cheryl’ – The over-zealous self-appointed neighbourhood watch. I call them curtain twitchers! You have to watch her snaps to understand. It’s hilarious and I promise you won’t regret it.

Spencer Pratt | Username: prattspencer

Not everyone’s cup of tea but I for one love Spencer Pratt’s snaps. I tweeted about it once and Spencer gave it a like and a RT. I’m very tempted to change my bio to ‘Spencer Pratt once liked and RT one of my tweets’ Ha!  In case there are people out there that doubt his awesomeness or are put off by what they think they know about Spencer, I’ll just say this; Spencer is very much in control of what ‘image’ he puts out there. TBH I think it’s all for sh*%s and giggles. He has the kind of sense of humour that once you get it… you just get it. I live for his trips to the barbers, magazine reviews (especially the commentary on the Royal Family & the “who wore it better?” parts), burrito segments and the funny jujitsu dance that he does before his workouts. He seems super friendly with everyone and his trips to the farmer’s markets are far and few between but my fave snaps for sure. I can’t get enough of the stunning ocean view he has right on his doorstep. Lucky guy! He’s living the good simple life and it’s a pleasure to watch.

Marissa Lace | Username: marissalace

Marissa’s snapchat comprises of love, light and the occasional sass. If you’re looking for a snap filled with positive vibes then this is it. I especially love the daily motivational mantras and the occasional rant.

Abby Tohline | Username: abbytohline

Abby’s snapchat feed is just as aesthetically pleasing as her Instagram feed and website. It’s consistently picturesque and simply a joy to watch. I love the travel and decor snaps the most. I get a very grounded feeling when I watch her snaps.

Catt Sadler  | Username: cattsadler

Catt Sadler’s snapchat account is one of the 1st accounts I followed. I’m vicariously living my dream life through her snaps! Ha! It’s the travelling, red carpets, script reading, entertainment news and celeb interviews that make her snaps so interesting. I love that Catt juggles a career, family life and wellbeing so well. It’s something I really admire. I also love it when she drops some wisdom into her snaps. One of my favourites for sure.

Arielle Vandenberg | Username: thearielle

Arielle is simply hilarious. Her snaps are set up more like skits and never fail to make me laugh. On Tuesdays, you’re in for a treat as she interviews one of her many celeb friends and features a Q & A section where we get to ask questions too. These are far from your average interviews as she does them in the most entertaining way possible. Arielle’s runs for ‘Work from home’ by 5th harmony are snaps not to be missed. The snaps where she mimics “typical bloggers” always has me in stitches!

Lyzabeth Lopez  | Username: lyzabethlopez

This is where I go to get my motivational fitness fix. Lyzabeth is a holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, entrepreneur and so much more. I love that she empowers women and unlike so many other people in the fitness industry she ACTUALLY knows what she’s talking about and can sculpt any body type. She cares about her craft and it shows. She’s strong and fierce and I love it. I can not wait till she opens up an Hourglass Gym in London because I’ll be the 1st to sign up. I support everything she stands for.

Colton Haynes  | Username: c0ltonhaynes (First O is a numeric 0)

Expect the unexpected. I never know what to expect from Colton’s snaps and I think that’s what makes them so alluring. There is never a dull moment as he constantly travels and brings us along for the ride. What I’ve learnt about Colton from his snaps is that he is extremely funny, has amazing style and is oh so charming. I just love his personality and it goes without saying that he’s as Hot as they come!

Shay Mitchell  | Username: officialshaym

Another one of the first accounts I followed on snapchat was Shay Mitchell’s. I’m a huge fan of ‘Pretty Little Liars’; the show in which Shay plays one of the main characters; Emily. I actually gasped a little when I found out she was on snapchat, too good to be true I thought but I was wrong. Shay truly is an open book and shares so much of her life through snapchat and her YouTube Channel. Shay’s schedule seems non-stop and it’s so fun to see all the adventures she goes on. What you can expect to see; behind the scenes of Pretty Little Liars, YouTube videos, magazine shoots, workouts, travel and interviews. I especially love it when her Grandma comes to visit, Simply the sweetest lady ever!

John Mayer | Username: johnthekangaroo

I love everything John Mayer does. I cannot fault him. He’s witty, smart and truly has a beautiful mind. How he thinks of such creative snaps I’ll never know. I love his segments that are reminiscent of old Hollywood stars or commercials. His interviews that never quite happen are hilarious and when he does an improv singing snap it’s an absolute dream.

Jade McDaniel  | Username: realslimjadey

Jade is such a cool cat and her snaps are just as artsy as her instagram feed. I feel like she crushes all the misconceptions people have about models in the most badass way. I personally think that Jade has the best sense of humour and it shows in her quirky snaps. She’s currently in Tokyo so head on over and follow to catch glimpses of the city. I love that we get to see behind the scenes of castings and modelling photo shoots as well as her everyday life. I also have to add that she makes skateboarding look extremely cool, trust me if I could skateboard everywhere I would.

Stevie Hendrix  | Username: sjhendrix13

One word; Dope! If Stevie aka StevEasy had his own TV show I would watch it in a heartbeat. He’s so entertaining! He has a gift for creating the funniest characters and doing the best accents. My personal favourites would have to be the Scottish and British accents. Look out for his Morning snaps and DIY’s. I crack up every time he comes up with rhymes/raps. I think what I really like about his snaps is that they can brighten up anyone’s day. You can just tell that he’s an all around nice person. Check out a few of Stevie’s past snaps over on his Instagram page.

& a cheeky 11th favourite…

Dwayne Johnson | Username: therock

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this man. Dwayne has been a role model for me all my life and I’m so glad he’s joined the snapchat family.

What are some of your favourite Snapchat accounts to follow?

Also, what is your favourite filter?

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