VOL 1: Korean Music Playlist | HelloHenrietta


“I’m OK” 

I love all types of Music and when it comes to Korean music I’m spoilt for choice. I love tradition Korean music just as much as I love listening to K – indie, K-Pop, K -Hip hop & Folk. Honestly nothing compares to the feel good vibes I get when I blast my Korean Jams. If you’re unfamiliar with the world of K Music I’ve put together a Playlist of more than a few of my favourite and go-to songs at the moment. (I’ve been listening to Korean songs since 2009 which is why this playlist is so extensive. Let’s just call this Volume 1 for now). I hope you enjoy it and have as much fun listening to them as I do. You can Guaran-damn-tee that I’ll be listening to this playlist for a while.

Plug in & turn the volume up (or as loud as your eardrums will allow)

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