Winter Bucket List 2015 + (#HelloHenrietta25 Announcement)


It’s the last month of the year and I’m kicking it off with a semi big 2 part announcement .

Part one; For the next 25 Days I will be daily blogging! I took an unexpected hiatus so to make up for it I’ll be posting lots of content for you all to read and enjoy over the festive season. Expect everything from Advice posts to Q&As, Reviews to Music Playlists and of course I’ll be throwing in lots of seasonal posts too.

The second part of this announcement is that in addition to posting daily I’ll also be “hosting” a live listening Party over on Periscope. By hosting I mean ‘scoping’ and by party I mean me in my room listening to music and ‘hanging’ out with you guys in the chat!ha!  The best part about the listening party is that I’m inviting Unsigned Artists and bands to take part by sharing their music. So if you’re a Musician or a Band and you’d like to submit your music, feel free to pop over an email or tweet me @HelloHenrietta.  I think it’s a great idea and I would love to play your music for the Listening party.

To keep up with my shenanigans and for official dates and times follow me on Twitter. I’ll be using the hashtag #HelloHenrietta25 (#25daysofblogging was taken and #25daysofHelloHenrietta just seemed too long). I hope you are as excited as I am for the next 25 days on

Bucket List 

This post was inspired by the lovely Alex Good ( Check out her bucket list here and her YouTube Channel here. I think it’s the perfect post to kick off 25 days of daily blogging. So without further ado here is a list of things that I’d love to tackle and cross off my bucket list this winter!

  • Go to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. I’ve been before but ever since the German inspired Christmas Market opened in Hyde Park a few years back, it’s become somewhat of a tradition to go to Winter Wonderland and soak in the festivities. It’s awesome! Karaoke, Rides, Churros, Mulled wine and German hotdogs. What’s really nice is that I’ve started to notice smaller Christmas Markets opening up around the city; selling candied nuts, hot chocolate and little trinkets.


  • Good Deed. For the longest time I’ve always wanted to help those in need. I have a strong yearning to do that and make a difference, even if it’s the smallest difference. I’m going to start by making small hampers to give to the homeless. (I could have easily been homeless too. Another story for another day) I’d like to include food, water, blankets, gloves and anything I think would be meaningful and helpful. I’d also like to stay for a while and have meaningful conversations with each person hopefully brightening up their day as well as my own. I wanted to share an article I read earlier this week about Matthew Jackson. Please read it, I hope it moves you like it moved me.IMG_0131
  • This next one I’m sure is on everybodies winter bucket list. I’d like to spend an evening being completely stress free. A night in front of Netflix surrounded by blankets, pillows with some Popcorn, Pizza and Wine.
  • I’d like to build my first Lebkuchenhaus (German for Gingerbread House) I’m pretty sure building a gingerbread house around christmas is a big deal in Norway, Sweden & Germany and it sounds like good fun so I’ll be grabbing a Pepparkaka Hus (Swedish for Gingerbread House) from Ikea for sure.
  • Hosting Christmas Dinner and make it better than the last. I call this Christmas 2.0. This year I’ll be hosting Christmas Dinner for the second year in a row. The Christmas before last was a test run and last year was kind of a success with the exception of a few minor burns and burnt olive bread. This year I’m planning on kicking it up a notch.
  • This year I want a REAL Hot Chocolate. Not the sachet stuff but the real deal; The Chocolate on a stick, whipped cream and marshmallows on top kind. I could be terribly wrong but I have a feeling it will be insanely good and something that I need to experience at least once in my lifetime. IMG_0161

I’d also like to successfully complete 25 days of daily blogging! Have you made a bucket list? What would you like to tick off your bucket list this winter?

#HelloHenrietta25 | Day 1


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  1. Love your list! I hope that I can have on stressfree night this Christmas season!


    1. Thank you, glad you liked it! It’s always nice to unwind especially during the holiday season. Hopefully you get to do that and enjoy a relaxed night 🙂


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