Vernez Launch Party | Create your own Fashion Magazine

IMG_7932VV2IMG_7990IMG_7935vvP1100771 P1100739 P1100821Vernez is the amazing new fashion app which allows you to create and share your style in a community full of passionate individuals; essentially creating your own Fashion Magazine. It’s everything you could want from a fashion app and so much more.  Its innovative, interactive and fun! I love that it’s personalised so everyone can join in!

I have never been able to pin point my personal style so I created a board on Pinterest appropriately called ‘Pinning my style’. Several pins later I’ve come to realise that my style can be described as minimal, basic and tomboy with a slightly androgynous vibe. I don’t use the word obsessed lightly but I have to say that I am a huge fan of the app and I’m heading down the obsessive route. Once you get the hang of it you’ll be creating looks for days. The app is easy to navigate and even someone like me who finds it hard to be adventurous with style, can easily fall in love with the app and the endless options.

Using the Vernez app, I created my first look and true to form it was a mix between tailored fits with casual elements; I called it ‘Androgynous on the go’. I love that the app is a convenient way to store and brainstorm ideas whilst interacting with others. One of my favourite features is that the app allows you to pick an item and see how another person would style it. In my opinion that’s what separates fashion from style and its a great place to draw inspiration. Adding to the interactivity aspect, you can also shop directly from the app, making it convenient when you spot something you ‘just have to have’.

I attended the Vernez app launch which was held at the 4th Floor Studios in London, a great location. The venue was quirky with a retro feel with tons of room,  allowing everyone the opportunity to mingle and meet the Vernez Team. Moyang Yang; founder of the Vernez app gave a presentation filling us in on the app. The candy floss, cupcakes, canapes, drinks and a Photo Booth were all nice touches that made the evening that much more special. The surprise element of a cat at the party (pictured below) definitely had the “aww” factor.P1100733P1100793P1100588 P1100592 IMG_7982 IMG_7977Congratulations to the Vernez team on throwing an amazing launch party. I enjoyed my time at the launch and wish Vernez all the best success for the app.

Download the app from the iTunes store here and enjoy a personalised fashion experience!

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