Hunter Hayes Live at KOKO London | Let’s be crazy UK Tour

“We’re the kind of crazy people wish that they could be” – I want crazy

Hunter Hayes is undoubtedly my favourite Country artist. Back in May (22-5-15), I went to see him live at KOKO in Camden and it was phenomenal. I can honestly say it was thee best gig I have ever been to. You know you’re having unforgettable fun when an artist takes the stage and does several songs back to back and hasn’t even said a word. Country music is definitely my guilty pleasure but I’m also shamelessly proud of it. Hunter Hayes is like no other, full of energy, a great songwriter, and an amazing musician. Hunter has that kind of repertoire that makes his set list pure gold.


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘Dance like nobody’s watching’ well that’s exactly what I did. I soaked up the electric atmosphere and sang and danced along like nobody was watching! I think what I loved even more than the music was how sincerely humble and funny he was. He has what I like to call ‘natural swagger’.


Hunter played everything from I want crazy to 21 and Tattoo. One song I was looking forward to hearing and didn’t was “When did you stop loving me”. It’s one of my faves but then again every Hunter Hayes song is a favourite. Counting Stars is an incredible cover and sounded epic live. If you haven’t heard it or any of Hunters Music, definitely check it out. Put your headphones on and crank up the volume (because it’s just that kind of music).


When I go to gigs I always leave feeling different. It’s one of my favourite forms of escapism. If it’s a John Mayer gig I have a blast, feel inspired or leave almost close to tears! ha! Well with this gig I was buzzing! I haven’t been this pumped after a gig in a while. I literally want to bottle up that feeling. I know I’ve mentioned it already but it was honestly, hands down, without a doubt the best gig I’ve ever been to. I cannot wait until the next gig Hunter does in the UK. KOKO was a great venue and I can’t wait to see where he’ll be performing next.

Check out the U.S Album versions of ‘Hunter Hayes’ and ‘Storyline’ if you can get your hands on it. Some great songs for you to Enjoy!

EDIT: The o2 Shepard’s Bush Empire Gig for next month sold out so fast but fingers crossed they release extra tickets

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