Monday Mantra | No 1


Just a little something to inspire you this Monday and get you through the week.

 I used to be a firm believer in the saying “Good things come to those who wait”. Overtime its meaning has simply run thin and sometimes waiting around doesn’t quite get the job done. Now whilst the saying “Good things come to those who work hard” is a good ethic to live by, I feel as though working hard can mean various things to different types of people. Some people are go-getters, some people are fence riders and there are some people who lack drive; the fire inside you that keeps your mind motivated and your heart set on achieving goals. That is why I like the term ‘Hustle’ because it’s something that EVERYONE has the ability to do. It’s a spark that makes achieving your personal goals so gratifying.

Granted the term ‘Hustle’ has lost its authenticity overtime but to me the term ‘Hustle’ means having a goal, envisioning it and then taking smalls steps (hustling) towards executing it. It means never quitting, never giving up and trying even harder if you fall or fail. Every time I feel like giving up I always think to myself … “I didn’t come this far/to the finish line to quit” That’s a quote from a Jillian Michael’s workout DVD but it works everytime! Ha! Never stop working hard for the things that matter to you.

Have a great week!


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