JP Cooper | Artist spotlight

~”So I found a thousand spring times in her eyes
and I learnt to play games in the rain”


 I’m excited to be bringing you the first feature in my ‘Artist Spotlight’ category and I couldn’t be more stoked about it being on an Artist whose music I love and have followed for a while. JP Cooper is a singer songwriter from Manchester who has recently signed a deal with Island records. I first discovered his music a few years ago when a producer friend showed me a YouTube video of JP cooper singing ‘The only reason’ and I’ve been a fan ever since. I highly recommend you check it out too if you’re just discovering his music (I promise you won’t be disappointed). My friend loved his voice so much she invited JP as a special guest to perform on her show! His sound can be described as acoustic soulful music and he has a gift for thought-provoking songwriting which makes every song meaningful and poetic. 

Seeing JP Cooper live is one thing I ticked off of my bucket list last year when I went to Oslo in Hackney for the EP Launch of ‘Keep the quiet out’. Oslo is a great venue for live music and socialising so together it was the perfect combination. I still remember his set was absolutely brilliant and his vocals were flawless. He is incredibly humble and a super talented man. If you get the chance I highly recommend going to a gig (Tour dates info towards the end of this post).


 On the 26th of January 2015, JP Cooper released his follow-up EP; ‘When the darkness comes’ which is what compelled me to write this post. It is a fantastic follow-up to Keep the quiet out. As always JP Coppers songs reflect deep emotion that as a listener makes it so easy to get lost in the music and the storytelling. To be able to do that is a gift and an art in itself, not many people can do that and I think that is what separates his music from the rest.


‘Closer’ is the 1st track on the EP, It’s simply a beautiful song and if I’m being honest, it made me cry the first time I heard it. There’s a bonus acoustic version of Closer on the EP, a treat for those of you who like me enjoy acoustic songs.

‘Satellite’ is a masterpiece in itself. It is songs like this that make me wonder who the songs are written about.

‘When the Darkness’ is for lack of a better word; dope! Musically it’s so well-arranged, you’ll have to listen to it to know what I mean! ha!

‘We were raised under grey skies’ is my favourite track on the EP. It truly is a stunning song with insane runs or as I like to call them ‘vocal acrobatics’. More than that its a mesmerising song that is both captivating and relatable. I really believe that JP Cooper is a breath fresh air for the Music industry and I can’t wait to see him take his music to the next level. Listen to his music on iTunes or here and check out tour Dates here! (New dates have been added)



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