New Feature | Introducing The New Monday Mornings!

Good afternoon!

Hope you’re all doing extremely well and having a great start to the week.

Today I wanted to introduce you to a new feature on my blog. It’s one that I started on my old blog  and I enjoyed writing it so much that I’ve decided to bring it over to this blog.

‘The New Monday Mornings’

Essentially it’s the kind of post you wake up to on a Monday morning and read with your favourite cup of coffee and breakfast. I’ll be writing lifestyle, inspirational and motivational posts as well as featuring DIYS and Topical posts. I’ll also be sharing some of my favourite morning themed things such as routines and breakfast ideas.

 From time to time I’ll also upload short webisodes, podcasts  and playlists as the “New Monday Mornings” post, where I’ll be sitting down (most likely with some coffee) and chatting to you about everything and anything. Perfect for those mornings when you’re rushing around and multitasking but still want something playing in the background whilst you get ready for the day ahead.


I’d love to hear your suggestions on topics I could cover. It could be about anything;

Life, Health & Fitness, Advice etc.

Send me your suggestions via Twitter @hellohenrietta using the hashtag #HelloHenrietta

If you’d like to ask anonymously feel free to drop me an email with the subject heading : “New Monday Mornings ANON” or you can send your questions/suggestions to me on my Tumblr(As always you can also pop your comments in the comment section below.)

I’m really looking forward to this new feature! It’s going to kick off next Monday so until then Happy Monday & have a great week!

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