10 things my Korean Calligraphy Class taught me 🖌


Pronounced Seo-Yeh
~ A traditional method of artistic writing ~

It’s no secret and you may have already guessed from my occasional Korean Drama schpiel on Twitter, that I have a very strong appreciation for Korean Culture, and that includes Customs, Traditions, Language, Food, Entertainment, Art and most recently Literature. I often get asked “So what made you get into Korean Culture and what do you love about it?” and as I’m currently learning korean I usually get the surprised expression followed by “Oh, you’re learning Korean!? What made you want to learn it?to which I reply; “I just love the Korean culture, language, Dramas, Music and of course the Food!” ~ which is the more condensed answer.

 A more detailed and lengthy answer would be; ”I really love the language ~ It’s beautiful in every sense of the word; Nice to speak and nice to listen to. The sentence structure fascinates me. Hangul (The Korean Alphabet) to me looks especially beautiful written in calligraphy. I find Korean customs and traditions admirable. Korean Street Art/Graffiti with Calligraphy incorporated is my favourite kind. Korean food is hands down my favourite cuisine of all time ~ Japanese, Thai and Greek are close behind but Hanshik wins for sure. When it comes to Korean Music; I love all kinds; Classical, K-Indie and of course a little K-Pop. And when it comes to Korean Dramas, I’m well known to lose out on hours of sleep just to get in “one more episode” which let’s face it, is impossible because ~ Cliffhangers amirite? haha!

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Darling Earbuds of May | Songs for Spring 2017 🌸


Warm Rays & Sunny Days

Suns out Blossoms out & scattered across the globe some of us are already experiencing early may showers.  Fun fact ~ I’m not a huge fan of Summer so the subtle warm weather and sunny rays that Spring brings is very much appreciated on my part. Spring means the start of new beginnings which is a great time to look over those new years resolution, goals and intentions you set (Yes guys there’s still time!) Spring clean ~ right now I’m very into the minimalism thing although I did just purchase a Sakura piece of wall art to bring a little of spring into the home. Spring is also the perfect time for new projects, planning and opportunities. So take a breather, enjoy the earlier sunrises and later sunsets and of course leave time to have a little song and dance on the way to summer.

Enjoy the rest of spring with this specially selected playlist created by yours truly ~ Its a mix of light and breezy songs for your darling earbuds this Spring.

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Introducing Ewood | Interview

I’M OFFICIALLY MISSING YOU – Officially missing you

Ewood is a London Based singer-songwriter drawing inspiration from iconic artists such as Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars, his music can be described as both organic and authentic and has cultivated a loyal fanbase over the years. I discovered Ewoods music a few months ago when I saw him take the stage at The Bedroom Bar in London. Absolutely loved his Human Nature Cover! His passion for music and dancing is evident in his live performances and his songs tell stories of real life issues which most people can relate to. (Watch the “London Through The Eyes Of Ewood”  Documentary for more). He’s humble and hardworking and I personally feel like those two attributes in an artist are what makes them great. Within the last few months Ewood has taken his music on tour and travelled around Europe and the U.K at sold out Venues. I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Ewood, Check out the full interview below.

HH: Tell us a little bit about your back story and how you got started in music?

EW: I remember being very young and watching Michael Jackson on TV, it was during the Bad Tour and I was like “Mum this is what I want to do”. I started music at the age of 8 years old, then studied music, drama and how to put a show together from the lights to the sound at the conservatory. I studied different styles of dance at a dancing school in Paris and London and I never stopped since. I’ve been on The Voice in France and I was the opening act of a very Popular French singer Axel Tony. I just finished my first tour “ The Truth Or Dare Experience” where I presented songs of my future album “Truth Or Dare”. 

HH: Who are your music inspirations? Do you have a favourite artist of all time?

EW: Bruno Mars, Miguel, Sade, Seal, Jazmine Sullivan, Musiq Soulchild, Janet Jackson, Sammy Davis Jr, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Adele, Stevie Wonder, Bon Jovi, Aeromsmith, Craig David, Jamiroquai, George Michael, Michael Bublé, Tamia, Mary J Blige, Brandy, Maroon 5, R.E.M, No doubt, P!nk, Phil Collins, Mariah Carey, Usher and Rihanna, etc. My favourite artist of all time is Michael Jackson. Continue reading “Introducing Ewood | Interview”